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Month: June 2016

Penance ?>


Actually, before going back to Sacramento, there is one more particular that needs mentioning, one without which no vine would have grown: penance. It is funny how, all these years being Catholic and going to Confession as regularly as possible, I never thought about or asked myself, or anyone else, why we get penance after Confession. It might have been explained when I was a kid getting ready for the Sacrament but, honestly, I don’t remember. Pretty bad, I know….

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Who is Shan? ?>

Who is Shan?

  “I am going to Italy this summer!” Now, guess who said it? You might think it was me, because I am from there, still very much in love with my home country, and always very happy to go back visit. But it wasn’t me. The first thing I find out about Shan is that she loves Italy – never were there better premises for a friendship to start… On my side, at least! And that she visits almost every…

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