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Month: August 2016

What is Catholic Charities of California? ?>

What is Catholic Charities of California?

I meet Shan again, finally, after what seemed to me to be a very very long time. She traveled, to Italy and Portugal and Spain, while, on my part, I finally got my Green Card and got back to working. Pretty big deal. We were not able to keep in touch, except for a few emails, because while traveling, she wrote to me, “I was so caught up in the experience that I only lived in the present.” Which is…

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Purpose – this is what I was reflecting on the last time I sat down to writing. It is an open question, a bleeding wound, which keeps my eyes open and my heart asking, questioning reality. Particularly, I feel the urgency of purpose when my time is free. Don’t get me wrong: I looooove to have free time, to rest and nourish myself. Time I can use for what I value among the many things life has gifted me with,…

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