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Month: November 2016

Simple and Joyous ?>

Simple and Joyous

I have a good friend who walked the Camino five times over the course of five different summers. I think she has walked all the possible routes, from the Frances, to the Primitivo, to the Camino del Norte… Once she started from Lourdes, which makes for 530 miles. Pretty impressive. But I never could understand why she would do that. It almost annoyed me that she would choose to spend the summer walking on her own instead of resting and…

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Reflecting on the fruits of the Camino, not only do I keep my eyes open to see Providence at work but also, I realized because Providence is at work – whether I see it or not in the moment – I go about life in a different way. I did not know it until I had to make a big decision; really big. After coming back from Italy where I spent my vacation, I started to get serious about finding…

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We left Lugo the morning of September 15 last year. As Fall begins, September in Europe is beautiful but unpredictable. That morning the sky was dark and gray and we got some rain. We actually got rain most days, but every day the sky would pour down while we were sitting at a bar having breakfast, or after we had reached our destination, or as we were taking a break under a shelter. Thus, while we enjoyed the cool air…

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