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Thinking back at that first meeting with Shan on Santana Row, that warm afternoon that gave life to these surprising (to me at least) conversations – as they are showing me things of myself that I did not know before… There is one thing that is still very much fixed in my mind and my heart and that, to this day, touches me profoundly: it is how fast we dived into talking about what life consists of, and what deep…

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Once back in Sacramento, Shan knew she had to fulfill her penance and  do something good for the poor, as the priest had asked her to. She did it, from what I understand, to respond, to correspond to God’s love for her. As she said, “He had mercy on me: He gave when I was not even looking; when my father was sick and dying.” But this is exactly the way I work as well: when I am showered with…

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Actually, before going back to Sacramento, there is one more particular that needs mentioning, one without which no vine would have grown: penance. It is funny how, all these years being Catholic and going to Confession as regularly as possible, I never thought about or asked myself, or anyone else, why we get penance after Confession. It might have been explained when I was a kid getting ready for the Sacrament but, honestly, I don’t remember. Pretty bad, I know….

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Who is Shan?

  “I am going to Italy this summer!” Now, guess who said it? You might think it was me, because I am from there, still very much in love with my home country, and always very happy to go back visit. But it wasn’t me. The first thing I find out about Shan is that she loves Italy – never were there better premises for a friendship to start… On my side, at least! And that she visits almost every…

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Unexpectedly Close

I take a look at my calendar – pretty busy. Yay! Being an immigrant, without a work permit, and without children, my days can be pretty boring. Not today, though! Getting my tutoring classes ready in the morning, taking ballet at 1:30, meeting Shan at 3:30, and then taking watercolor at 6:30. I am honestly happy when my days have purpose – not really saving the world, or changing someone’s life, I know… but, hey! I am doing something! Also,…

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